Refrigerated Freight 

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Let Oltim keep it cool from pickup to delivery. Typically, freight requiring refrigerated shipping needs an immediate turnaround to be loaded and on the way to the intended destination. Anytime temperature-sensitive freight has to sit waiting for delivery means the shipper is losing money. Our goal at Oltim is to eliminate any uncertainty when it comes to refrigerated shipping.


The refrigerated shipping carrier transporting goods like flowers, food and pharmaceuticals needs to pay close attention to the details. The shipper will list the specific temperature freight needs to remain during transit. If this temperature setting is altered up or down, even the slightest change, could damage the freight and it is deemed unacceptable upon delivery. This adds up to lost time and revenue. The shipper is then challenged to locate a company who takes their business seriously and they can rely on to get the refrigerated freight delivered on time, each time without delay.

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